We considers Festivals as creative ideas, ori-ginal concepts, perfect organisation & exploitation.
In fact, Festivals are lucrative, as they are a remarkable ge-nerator of Business; Marketing & Communication Besides their Cultural & entertaining objectives.
Festivals are an important source for sponsors support & offer an interesting Cultural & Commercial opportunities where happening.
In addition to the Scenic exploitation, festivals productions, Shows, Exhibitions, Conferences, ..Etc, offer a variety of Audio-visuals production to be exploited by TV Channels. With a deep expertise in festivals production, we pride our-selves as a team of talented professionals in successfully & effectively realizing many festivals success. Our Audio-Visual activities
In addition to festivals, you can rely on our company's Know-how in the Audio-visual production. Executive producer, Co-production, Shooting services; in Paris & Europe, Our Companies in TUNISIA Founoun Online productions for Tunisia & North Africa.

Island Music Festival

Films Insulars Festival

Le Navire D'Ulysse

Swing Islands Jazz Festival

Miss des iles du monde

Djerba Swing Golf Festival

Matmata Country Western Music

Tunisia Plastic Arts Festival (2001)