Sirene Tv, for the lovers of islands around the World.

Sirene TV
Sirene TV is a thematic television channel dedicated to enhancement, promotion and preservation of worldwide culture of islands.

The islands of the world, across oceans and continents of the world, conceal important cultural and heritage, both in their varieties, their characteristics, by their authenticity. The island, cut off from the mainland, is forced to live in harmony with their environment, feel the rhythm of their natural elements and dominate the rigor of their experience in giving free rein to their creative imagination and innovative spirit. Arts, Music and cinema, in particular, the best way to express their dreams, their emotions and their ancestral memory. Programs of Our channel, called "Sirene TV" will focus on the intangible cultural heritage of the islands of the world through broadcasts, talk shows and documentaries with cultural heritage, creativity and know-how of the island.

Sirene “MerMaied” who were born in the Greek Mythology humanized in antiquity to become winged women in Roman as evidenced by the mosaic of the ship of Ulysses found at Dougga.

They would then be seen on the surface of water sitting on a rock and painted their long hair. The first two centuries of life they enjoy themselves and discovered the ocean but then they feel lonely and want to love and be loved by a human.

Our siren tv would cross the oceans in search of her sirens sisters, they will meet at the end in a stage of the Siren tv at the rhythm of insular art.
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